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On Busyness and the Summer Slow-Down

I know, that title seems a bit like an oxymoron, but it's the perfect title for this post, and it's kind of a perfect description of my summer. I unintentionally took a couple of weeks off, and while I miss sharing what I am up to with you all, it has been nice to slow down and enjoy the evenings around here. The first part of summer tends to be busy for us, and as a result, not a lot happens on the DIY and decorating front. I don't want to create posts just to put something out there, or just create a project to have something to share, I want my heart to be in this fully.

So, while I am not going away, things will be slow around here this summer. I am making a conscious effort to not be busy all the time, and really enjoy the down-time we do have. And, I am highly encouraging you to do the same! We all get caught up in a need to do all the things, and end up not enjoying any of it. So, in order to enjoy my family, and friends, and this blog, I'm going to take this su…

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