Stitch Fix Review #2: April 2018

I could not wait to get my Stitch Fix box this month! It's so fun to get a surprise in the mail, and I totally wish I could do this every month, but my checking account would not like it, so for now, I'm getting a fix every 3 months. And honestly, the every 3 months schedule works great because I am getting new clothes for each season. If you are on the fence about trying out Stitch Fix, I would totally recommend trying at least one box, it's such a fun way to shop and find new things!

Stitch Fix Review #2, see what I received in my fix, and what I decided to keep!

This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix, everything I choose to keep, I bought myself, however it does contain affiliate links for your convenience, you can read my full disclosure here.

First things first, are you new to Stitch Fix? 

If so, here's what you need to know. Stitch Fix is a subscription service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing and accessories that you can try on in the comfort of your own home. You can request a box every 2-3 weeks, monthly, every other month, or every 3 months, and you can stop your subscription at any time. (I choose to receive mine every 3 months.) Customers are charged a $20 styling fee, which is then applied to any items you order, so it really benefits you to at least keep one item. Want to give it a try?  Click here to place your first order! They also send you a prepaid bag so you can easily send back any items you don't want to keep, so easy! And if you love everything they send, you can get a 25% discount if you decide to keep it all!

Other than filling out the style questionnaire and entering my sizes, I don't give my stylist any specific requests. It's fun to see what they think you will like, and they use your feedback from previous orders to pick out things based on your comments from past fixes.

Tribal Fia Trouser

My last fix, my stylist Allison sent me an awesome pair of jeans that are great for the weekend, this month she switched it up and sent me these navy trousers that are perfect for the office. All of my current work pants are black, so the navy is a nice way to change up my outfits. The absolute best part of these pants is the stretch waist that makes them super comfortable, and super flattering. Definitely keeping these!

Stitch Fix Review April 2018 - Navy Blue Trouser

Market & Spruce Purla Ruffle Sleeve Knit Top

I love the color and fit of this top. The knit material is heavier, which makes it feel a little more dressy than my usual tops, I paired with my grey skinnies, but would be great with white pants as well. I liked this more than I thought I would when I pulled it out of the box, but the ruffle sleeves were not doing it for me, and I just don't wear a lot of light colored pants, so I know I wouldn't wear it a lot, so it's going back.

Stitch Fix Review April 2018 - Navy Blue Ruffle Sleeve Knit Top

Alice Blue Bushnell One Pocket Blouse

I had my fingers crossed that I liked how this blouse looked on me, because I loved it the instant it came out of the box. Yellow is not a color that I am usually drawn to because I am so fair-skinned, I feel like it can really wash me out. But, this is such a cheery golden yellow, and the floral print is fun, and makes it super easy to dress this top up or down. It looks great with dark skinnies, and is perfect for the office when topped with a cardigan. This one is a keeper!

Stitch Fix Review April 2018 - Yellow Floral One Pocket Blouse

Madison Lily Bonhill Ribbed Detail Cardigan

Since I work in an office, the summertime becomes cardigan weather indoors because it's always so dang cold. I have a couple of go-to's but they are darker, so it was nice to see this light and bright white cardigan this month. The weight is perfect for spring, and the ribbed detail on the top was cute. But I know me, and while I love the look of a white cardigan, this is just asking for trouble; I would probably avoid wearing it for fear of getting something on it, so it's going back.

Stitch Fix Review April 2018 - White ribbed detail cardigan

Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top

I absolutley love the bright blush color of this top, and I was excited to get it out of the box and put it on! I love a cold shoulder top, but I felt like the sleeves on this one were just a weird length on me. And while the material was super soft and would be such a great everyday top, it was a little too clingy in spots and just didn't look flattering on my mom bod, so back it went.

Stitch Fix Review April 2018 - Pink cold shoulder knit top

Overall, I was pleased with my box this go-round, even though I only kept a couple of things, it has me thinking about trying new colors and styles when I am shopping. The key is to definitely be completely honest with your sizes and what you like when you are filling out your style profile. And when you are trying items on, be sure to try them with pieces you already own, it's a great way to find new staples for your wardrobe, and add fun new pieces too. They even suggest creating a pinterest board to show your stylist what types of clothing you really like, which is something I may do in the future.

Ready to give Stitch Fix a try? Get started by clicking here to place your first order! And if you are creating a pinterest board for your stylist and like any of the looks you see here, be sure to pin them as a reference!

Stitch Fix Review: April 2018, see what I kept and what I sent back

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  1. I would have voted that you keep the two things that you did and send back the other three. :) GOOD PICKS!! And you could totally put the two items together! I agree that once every quarter is perfect. You add a couple new long-lasting pieces to your wardrobe and call it a day!


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