10 Awesome Games for Tweens

We are wrapping up the crazy busy birthday season in our home (three birthdays within two and a half weeks of each other!), and now that the wrapping paper has settled we are spending a little more time relaxing. The boys both like playing board games, and while we don't have a set family game night, we try to sit down a play a game together a couple of times during the week, and since they received a few new games as gifts, our rotation of favorites has grown.

Now that I'm officially the mom of *gasp* two tweens (how did that happen?), and they are notoriously difficult to shop for, I wanted to round up some of our favorite family games that the boys like too. Some of these are classic favorites and others are new finds we took a chance on and ended up loving.

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Top 10 Fun Board Games for Tweens

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1.Yahtzee is such a classic, and it's just an overall fun game for all ages!

2. Uno, also another classic, we have gone through multiple decks of Uno cards in our home, it has always been the boys' go-to card game.

3. Have you heard of Dos? It's from the makers of Uno, and is similar, but it does have a couple of fun twists that make it interesting!

4. I had totally forgotten about Outburst until I was birthday shopping a couple of weeks ago. I remembered having this game of top 10 lists growing up, and it's proven to be one of the boys' new favorites.

5. The Family Feud game may be better for a crowd that's a little bit older, but there are still topics that can be fun for the younger crowd as well.

6. We love cats in our house, so the Cat Game was worth a try without even knowing what it was. Think Pictionary with cat pictures to add to your drawing. This game is a lot of fun, and gets a lot of laughs!

7. If you are looking to spice up your game night, definitely try Monopoly Cheaters Edition! You have to really pay attention to everything that everyone is doing, and you have to plan out your cheating strategy if you are going to be successful!

8. Life is one of those games that never gets old around here. We are still playing the version I got when I was a kid, and I'm honestly surprised it's held up as long as it has!

9. Anything that is a race is going to be a favorite with my boys, and 5 Second Rule is just that; name as many things as you can on one topic in just five seconds. It's totally not as easy as it seems!

10. Clue was one of my favorites growing up, and it's slowly becoming one of the games we reach for when we are looking for something different to play.

Tell me in the comments, what are some of your favorite family games?


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