Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art: Create and Share

DIY Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art: Create and Share Challenge - One Mile Home Style
 **This project was created in collaboration with GraphicStock, I was provided a subscription to their service in order to create this project. All comments and project details are my own. Enjoy!**

For this month's Create and Share Challenge, myself and 19 of my blogging friends were challenged to create a project using any image, or combination of images, from the expansive collection on the GraphicStock website. The hardest part of this project was deciding on which to choose, it really feels like the choices are never-ending! (To join in on the fun, and get you creating too, I'm giving you a FREE 7 day trial to GraphicStock right here*.)

Create and Share January Challenge with Graphic Stock - One Mile Home Style

To begin my hand embroidered wall art, I first downloaded and printed the Dandelion Flowers Stock Image to use as the template for my art. The other items you will need for this project are:
10x10 Canvas*
Black Acrylic Paint*
Painter's Tape*
White Yarn
Green Embroidery Floss
Sewing Needles

Supplies to Create Your Own Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art - One Mile Home Style

After painting my canvas black and letting it fully dry, I trimmed down my image to fit the canvas and attached it using painter's tape.

How to Create Your Own Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art - One Mile Home Style

Then it's time to start sewing! I will warn you that this is not one of those projects you are going sit down and complete in 30 minutes. It's more one of those projects that you work on over a few evenings while you are relaxing and watching TV. 

I chose to start with the stem. Using green embroidery floss I followed the lines of the stems using a basic running stitch, later I went back over the lines to thicken them up a little more. When the stems were complete, it was time to start on the dandelion blooms. Using white yarn, I brought the yarn up through one of the bloom spots and then back down right next to it. I didn't worry about using every spot, some were very close together, and others were very small, so I just loosely followed the image.

How to Create Your Own DIY Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art - One Mile Home Style

Carefully remove the tape and paper template, you may need to use scissors in a few place to snip the paper to make it easier to remove. Your beautiful new artwork is now ready to hang!

How to Create Your Own Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art - One Mile Home Style

I love making new art for our home, it is a great way to personalize our space, and it's a great way to flex my creative muscles. This was such a fun little project to work on, it has me scheming up other embroidery ideas! It also kept me busy working on something productive instead of playing around on my phone, and this little wall in my bedroom now has a new look to it.

How to Create Your Own Hand Embroidered Dandelion Wall Art - One Mile Home Style

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  1. So pretty...love how this turned out.

  2. Such a fun idea, Stephanie! And I'm loving the dandelion image you used!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! They had so many flower choices, it was hard to choose!

  3. Beautiful! Love the contrast of the dark background with the white dandelion.

  4. I absolutely love this idea! I haven't done much with hand embroidering, but your tutorial made the process seem pretty easy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Jenny! This was my first attempt at hand embroidery, it really is easy to do!!

  5. It's beautfiul and so clever! Love the black background with the white dandelion and green stem.

  6. This is such a clever idea! I love the black, white and green together!

  7. Oh it's yarn and sewn on - Awesome idea! Love the "pop" from the black canvas. You did a beautiful job!

  8. oh my wow! that turned out great! I do not know how you had the patience to string all of that! Good job!

    1. Thanks Jess! I think I worked on it over 3-4 days, definitely not something I could sit down and do all at once!!

  9. What?!?!? This is amazing! I was looking for dandelion wall art a while back, this is perfect ;). Pinning!

  10. So creative and fun!!!! I'm thinking also a stress reliever for me, haha. Thanks for participating in the Create and Share this month! Pinning!!

  11. That is awesome! I would have never thought to do this and the final product is beautiful! Great job

  12. Oh my gosh.. this is stunning. I've seen a lot of dandelion art, but this is amazing! Thanks for sharing at You're Gonna love it. Pinning!

  13. What a sweet and original wall art idea. I love that you used mixed media!

  14. Wow! I love this! I never in a million years would have thought you created that wall art with a stock image and yarn & floss - awesome job! It is really beautiful ;) Thanks so much for linking up with us at The Pretty Project Party!

    1. Thank you Rachael! It was definitely a fun little project!


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