Eliminating Clutter For A More Relaxed Home

Let's talk about clutter. Not only can it become an eyesore in your home, it can become emotionally draining for you. Constantly looking at the same pile of laundry, or a growing stack of papers takes up valuable space in your home and your mind. Every time you see it, you get that nagging feeling of "I should just pick it up", or "Why can't I just take 10 minutes to get organized?", and then, if you're like me, you tell yourself you are lazy and just don't have the time to deal with it right now, so continue to ignore it. But, it's always there cluttering that space in you home, and your mind.

10 Tips for eliminating clutter in your home to make it and yourself more relaxed!

First, I don't care how neat and organized you are, you are going to have clutter somewhere in your home, and if you have kids, it's a guarantee. You might have a perfectly clean and tidy countertop, but your junk drawer barely closes it's so full. Or, the kids' rooms look picture perfect, but don't you dare try to open the closet! Honestly, I want my home to look like we live in it, that's what makes it welcoming and give your that cozy feeling. I know I would never be able to fully relax if my home looked like a furniture store showroom! So it's ok to have a few messes here and there, nobody's perfect, but when the messes start to effect your mood, it's time to start cleaning. Before I get to my tips on eliminating clutter, here is a perfect "real-life" example of what I am talking about:

For some reason, the master bedroom can sometimes become a collection area for "stuff, like this space along the wall right here. The first thing you saw when you walked in the door was a tote full of clothes I wanted to sell, with even more clothes stacked on top. My intention was to clean out the closet and try to make a little money, but I only made it to the closet clean out part. This stack of clothes sat for 3 months. 3 months!! I was annoyed every time I looked at it, knowing I should just take care of it and get it out of the way, but I always found something else to do instead. Then one Saturday I had a few free hours, and was feeling motivated. The clothes got sorted and organized, and moved to the basement, ready to be sold, other random clutter nearby was put where it belonged, out of the bedroom. And you know what? Everyday when walk into our bedroom and I look at that bare spot on the floor, I feel more relaxed. The clutter is physically not there, and the clutter in my head is gone too. The room feels more open and cleaner, and I'm not beating myself up over not taking the time to pick it up!

10 Tips for eliminating clutter in your home to make it and yourself more relaxed!

So, what can you do to help beat the clutter monster, and start feeling better too? Here are some tips for eliminating the clutter in your home, and freeing you mind up for happier thoughts.

10 Tips For A Clutter Free Home and Mind

1. Put laundry away as soon as you pull it out of the dryer. I know this is a struggle for a lot of people, myself included, I am notorious for having a basket of clean clothes sitting out! But, if I take the time to put them away, I feel better, and the mornings go better too!

2. Sort school papers daily/weekly. Recycle all those worksheets and non-sentimental items, and place the keepers in a designated box or folder.

3. Load the dishwasher/do dishes every night. (Also another one I'm working on, I have no problem filling the dishwasher, it's remembering to turn it on at night.)

4. Create a drop zone for shoes, coats, backpacks that is easily accessible for everyone. And, if you have an entry closet, make this your spot to neatly hide away shoes, jackets and outerwear.

5. Hide what you can neatly behind closed doors, or in baskets and bins. Keeping items easily accessible but out of sight cuts down on the visual clutter in a space.

6. Spend 5-10 minutes everyday tidying up one area in your home. This could be cleaning out a junk drawer, doing a quick sort of kid's clothes they have outgrown, or filing papers that are sitting on your desk. It's amazing how accomplished you feel after one of these little tasks

7.  Buy organizers wisely. If an organizer will truly be put to good use, and the system is easy to use, then buy it! If it's unmanageable and not going to work well for your family, it's only going to make more clutter, and annoy you, in the long run, pass.

8. When shopping for anything, consider multiple uses and long-term durability and value. Try to avoid impulse purchases of items you only kind-of like, just because it's a good deal.

9. Find ways to use or display items with sentimental value, instead of storing them away taking up valuable space in your home. These items are what bring the character into you home!

10. Make everyone in the family responsible for helping keep your home neat and organized. No matter the ages, there is something that everyone can do each do to make your home a well-organized and relaxing place to be.

Do you have an organizing tips that work well for your family that you swear by? Let me know in the comments, I am always looking for new ways to get organized and eliminate clutter!

10 Tips for eliminating clutter in your home to make it and yourself more relaxed!

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