A Little Something New & A Lot More Fun

Hi there friends! How have you been? If you are a regular visitor who has been wondering where I have been all summer, welcome back, and if you are new around here, welcome! You may, or may not, have noticed a little something different in the blog's name starting today, it's pretty small, but I think it is going to open this space up to some fun new changes! The little something new is that little "&" sign right there between Home and Style.

I'm going to be completely honest with you, I have been struggling with my creativity this summer, a lot! I didn't post much because I just wasn't feeling it, and I think we all go through phases like that. But, I'm ready to get back to it, because I do love the community, and I love sharing what I have been up to. Which has all led to the update here. Don't get me wrong, I love home decor and interior decorating, it's definitely a passion and that hasn't changed. Those of you that come here for home decor inspiration, solutions to your organizing dilemmas, and tips for easy DIY projects, have no fear, all of that remains.

I'm really looking forward to adding a little more of a lifestyle touch around here, since there is so much more to me than just home decor. I was starting to feel restricted because I really wanted to stay true to the name and original voice of this home decor blog, but I wanted to share other stuff once in awhile too. I want this to be a place to share my home decor inspiration and ideas, my random thoughts, what exciting things our family has been up to, and maybe just a little bit of fashion too. Do not worry, this is not turning into a fashion blog, I don't consider myself trendy by any stretch of the imagination! However, if I find a good deal on something I love, I'll share it, just because I think you might love it too.

This all boils down to the fact that I'm just a regular 30-something mom, with a busy family and a to-do list a mile long, who happens to love to decorating her house, spending time with her family, and can once in awhile can pull together a fun outfit too. You have already seen little bit of this with the ever popular gift guides, and the recap of our recent vacation, now I feel like they belong here, instead of being awkwardly out of place.

I'm really excited to look at this little spot on the interwebs with fresh eyes, and a renewed sense of creativity. There's more to me than just the house we live in, and I can't wait to start sharing more of that with you. With that in mind, is there anything your would love to see here on the new and improved One Mile Home & Style? Or, are there any burning questions you would just love for me to answer? Leave me a shout-out in the comments below!


  1. I love the change, subtle but on point! I too have thought that my tag line is a bit restricting and I want more flexibility with what I share on my blog. I love everything that you create and share and I look forward to seeing what's coming up from One Mile Home & Style :)

  2. Loving the change - glad youre feeling inspired!


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