5 Necessities for a Cozy Home

 I love decorating our home, I try to decorate with what I love, and try to not get too hung up on trends. When it really comes down to it, I'm not decorating with a certain look in mind,  I'm trying to capture and reflect a feeling. I want our home to feel cozy and welcoming. When someone walks into our home, I want them to feel like they can just plop down on the couch, put their feet up and relax. I want our home to look nice, but I want it to feel lived-in and comfortable.

If you are wanting to get that same cozy and welcoming feeling in your home, you are in luck today. Here is how you can give you home that cozy feel in no time!

Want your home to feel cozy? Here are the 5 necessities to get the look just right!

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Accent Pillows

Pillows add an extra softness to chairs and couches, and are one of the most inexpensive ways to change up the look of a room. Switching out pillows and pillow covers lets you play with new colors and patterns, and it's a perfect way to add texture too.
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Throw Blankets

I personally can never have too many blankets! This is another way to bring in different textures throughout the year. Light and airy blankets in the spring and summer, and a mix of heavy knitted and fuzzy faux fur in the fall and winter.

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Poufs and ottomans are such a versatile accent in a room, and are often overlooked when you are decorating a living area. They can be a perfect spot to put up your feet while you relax, or they make great extra seats around the fireplace, or around the coffee table for game night!  

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There is nothing quite like a flickering candle in the evening light to give a room a cozy glow. And whether the scent is something sugary sweet, or fresh and clean, the scent welcomes you into the room, and relaxes your mind.

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Oh how I wish I always had fresh flowers around the house! But that's just not realistic. Once it awhile (not just for special occasions) it's fun to add that awesome finishing touch to a room that only flowers can achieve. My secret is to buy those $10 supermarket bunches and split them into multiple arrangements, lots of flowers, not a lot of money. Or, you just cheat a little with some pretty fakes to get you by!

Love these ideas for making your home feel cozy? Save it, so you don't forget them!
Want your home to feel cozy? Here are the 5 necessities to get the look just right!


  1. Such good choices! With the cooler weather coming, these would all be great additions to a home. Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays! See you tomorrow!


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