Crazy Easy Rustic Towel Hooks

Don't you just love it when you find a DIY project that only costs a few dollars and takes less than five minutes to complete? It's also nice when that project solves a problem and looks great too! This is definitely one of those projects.

Last week I shared my Rustic Modern Bathroom makeover, and part of that makeover included new towel hooks. We increased the size of our shower when we had the new tile installed, so the towel bars we had been using previouly had to be removed since they no longer fit on this section of wall.

Rustic Modern Bathroom Makeover

I didn't want to just put new towel bars up, and I wanted to do more than just add hooks to the wall. So, I brainstormed a few options, and this simple one is the one that ultimately won.

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This really is a crazy easy project, so if you are looking for a quick update, or are just getting your feet wet with DIY projects, this is your project! All you need is a piece of scrap wood, wall hooks, screws, and about 5 minutes.

I have a stash of barnwood scraps that come in handy for these types of projects, so I picked one that had wood tones similar to those in the floor.  Another option is to paint or stain a piece of scrap wood to match your decor as well.

Crazy easy DIY rustic towel hooks add tons of function and character in just a few minutes!

These hooks are similar to the ones I used, and come in a few different finishes too. The screws that came with the hooks were too long for the thickness of the wood, so I had to switch them out for shorter ones, you may need to do the same depending on your wood. Once I had the right screws, I attached the hooks to the wood, and then screwed the wood directly to the wall using 2-inch deck screws.

Crazy easy DIY rustic towel hooks add tons of function and character in just a few minutes!

And, done! These hooks take up so much less space than the towel bars, and I think they add more character too. I didn't think I would ever jump on the towel hook bandwagon, but I have been converted, and I don't think I will ever go back!

Rustic Modern bathroom makeover, featuring easy DIY towel hooks

Tell me in the comments, are you team towel bar, or team towel hook?


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