Organizing Hacks to Make Your Life Easier!

The kids have been out of school for a couple of weeks now, and we are knee deep in room updates and outdoor projects (not to mention baseball, baseball, baseball!!). So, what better of a time to also check in on some of the organization systems we use, make tweaks to the ones that aren't working, and come up with new ones as we are changing rooms around.

These are some of my organizing hacks that are tried and true in our home, add a little bit of style, and might just work perfectly in your home too! (This post may contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience, you can see my full disclosure here.)

If you have kids you know that art supplies can turn into a crazy mess really fast, and I don't know about you, but I have never been a fan of markers and glue being kept in the kids' rooms. We gave the boys a little spot in the dining room to organize their art supplies, these little clear pails were a perfect colorful solution to organizing their supplies and still making them easily accessible. 

Kids art supply organizing hack - One Mile Home Style

Who else hates throwing away little containers because they just might be perfect for something other than their original purpose? Those little travel boxes of q-tips are the perfect size for storing bobby pins! They keep them all neat in a bathroom drawer, and they are perfect for travel too!

Bobby pin storage and organization hack - One Mile Home Style

I know this one has been around Pinterest for awhile, but I really love keeping cupcake liners in an old jar. It keeps them from getting crushed and wrinkled, and it's just cute way to store them too!

Cupcake liners stored in a jar organizing hack - One Mile Home Style

No one likes having entire DVD collection out on display, but how do you store them neatly out of sight, and still keep them within reach? You ditch the cases! This lidded basket holds a ton of discs, all stored in CD sleeves. Everything is in plain sight, and still easy to get to, and it adds some great texture to the room! (Similar basket options here, here, here)

DVD storage basket organizing hack - One Mile Home Style

These next two have been a work in progress over the years with the boys, but this is the system we have come up with for storing and organizing all those Legos. A vintage printers tray is the perfect way to display and organize the mini-figures, and plastic organizer drawers neatly store all the Legos, sorted by color.

Lego organization and storage hacks - One Mile Home Style

Lego organization and storage hacks - One Mile Home Style

This last one is part of the never-ending battle of getting kids to put shoes away. We tried shoe cubbies, but no one was willing to take the extra few seconds to put the shoes into the cubbies. So, each kid got a wooden crate for shoes that I stained and stenciled their initials onto. Now, all they have to do is toss their shoes into the crate, and they are done!

Wooden crate shoe organizing hack - One Mile Home Style

Think some of these organizing hacks will help in your home? Save it to your organization board on Pinterest so you don't forget them!

Organizing hacks you didn't even know you needed! Get your home stylishly organizing with these easy tips! - One Mile Home Style


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