Books I Wish I Had Time To Read - Vol. 1

One of the things I really wish I had more time for was sitting down and reading a good book. I always seem to find something else to keep me from getting too comfortable, and relaxing for very long. Since I don't see myself finding some free time anytime soon, why not make a list of the books I wish I had time to read?

I really enjoy a wide range of genres, but I tend to gravitate mostly towards non-fiction, good historical fiction, and anything home decor related. So, let's see what's on the list (and what has been sitting in my amazon shopping cart for way too long):

The Astronaut Wives Club* by Lily Koppel

Yes Please* by Amy Poehler

The Best Yes* by Lysa Terkeurst

Tell me in the comments, what books are on your reading wish list?

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Books I Wish I Had Time To Read Vol. 1 - One Mile Home Style

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