2016 Word of the Year

This is my third year of picking a Word of the Year as the new year begins. I try to pick something that is relevant not only in my personal life, but something that I can focus on for my blog business as well. 

The word I chose for this year is "Simplify"; I know that seems really cliche, everyone and their sister wants to clear the clutter, get organized and simplify their life in the new year, but, it's the word that best fits what I want to get out of this year.

Word of the Year 2016: Simplify | One Mile Home Style - White Sunflower Vintage Display

So, what does simplify mean to me? It means that I really want to rid myself and my home of all the general excess, and make more time for the things that I truly enjoy. 

On the personal side, I want to declutter the physical spaces of our home, getting rid of the stuff we don't like, don't want, doesn't fit, or is just plain unnecessary. It can be stressful to look around and see stuff that is just taking up space and not really serving a purpose. I want to simplify my calendar and to-do list, making plans to do the things that we want to do, and not stress about saying "no" to some things. And, even though I love making lists, it's okay to not get everything on the to-do list done, it will most likely still be there tomorrow, waiting for me.

Word of the Year 2016: Simplify | One Mile Home Style - Organized School Supplies in Glass Jars

On the business side, I am dedicated to sharing new posts with you twice weekly, and if something fun comes up, you may even get a bonus post in there. I want to share more simple decorating, organizing and DIY projects around here, not everything has to be a major overhaul or out-of-this-world amazing, sometimes the little things are the ones that make a big difference in how your home functions, or how it makes you feel.

Word of the Year 2016: Simplify | One Mile Home Style - Winter Living Room with Blue and White

I am looking forward to simplifying my life in 2016, and I can't wait to share it with you! If you chose a word for the year, share it in the comments below, I would love to see what you are focusing on!


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