5 Tips For Decorating For The Holidays (and Not Losing Your Sanity)

And here we are, 10 days until Christmas!!

Do you have your home perfectly decorated and ready for guests? Is all of your shopping done? Are all the gifts perfectly wrapped and tied up in shiny ribbons with perfectly unique gift tags???

5 Tips for Decorating for the Holidays and Not Losing Your Sanity - One Mile Home Style

I know in this house, that answer is NO, on all accounts. And, I'm perfectly ok with it too! I'm still moving things around and making new decorations, because this time of year makes me want to be crafty. I'm thisclose to being done with my shopping, and guess what? Every gift is wrapped in the same printed Christmas paper, with no bows or ribbons (the cats think they are an invitation to tear up the packages), and they have sticker gifts tags with my un-glamourous handwriting on them.
Yep. That's me.

Family Christmas Tree with Silver and Blue Accents | Christmas Home Tour - One Mile Home Style

So, here it is, crunch time, 10 days before Christmas, and I am going to tell you how to finish your holiday decorating so you can enjoy your home, and keep your sanity in check. 

  1. Good enough, is good enough. Your home doesn't have to look like a glossy magazine page, or the home tour of your favorite blogger. Your home should make you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the season, not worry that your mantel only displays the TV, or that the kids put 75% of the ornaments on 25% of the tree. It will be ok.
  2. Less is always more. The more boxes of Christmas decor I brought up from the basement this year, the more I packed back up. Little meaningful touches go a long way, there is no need to feel like you need to drape every doorway and flat surface in fresh garlands and ribbons. (There is also nothing wrong with using the fake stuff either.)
  3. Create one focal point and let everything else be the supporting actors. If you love decorating a knock-out Christmas tree, then go for it! If you like to keep a more basic tree, but have a fantastic fireplace and mantel, then by all means, deck that baby out! Then you can just add little seasonal touches to the rest of the space.
  4. Think outside the box. A blanket or large piece of fabric can make a beautiful tree skirt. Plaid scarves look great as table runners. Old Christmas cards make fun and easy art. Fill a bowl with ornaments to make simple centerpiece.
  5. Don't spend a ton of money. Your taste and decorating trends will change, so don't blow the budget on something you might not want to use for the long haul. Always shop the day (and even week) after Christmas sales to stock up on decor items. Garland, trees, lights, ornaments, wrapping paper and gift boxes, and just random holiday decor items are all 70-90% off after the holidays, it makes it the perfect time to shop for those once a year items.

This time of year is about spending time with family and friends, not worrying about if you have the most perfectly decorated home on the block. Decorate with what you love and focus on being present in all the festivities. You will look back and remember the memories you made this year, not the fact that you never got around to putting the lights up outside, or you forgot to move the elf, again. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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