How To Re-Pouf A Pouf (For Free!)

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! 

It's time to finish up all those little projects you have been putting off, deep clean the house (okay, only the parts of the house the guests will see), and make your home look neat and welcoming. 

How To Re-Pouf A Pouf for FREE using plastic grocery bags! - One Mile Home Style

I am knee deep in this type of list right now, why do I have so many half-started projects going on all at the same time? I'm sure it's some form of adult ADD, I just can't focus on one project at a time. And why can't a room stay neat for more than a few minutes? That's right, I have two boys.

One of those little projects was fixing this poor pouf. After being used and abused by the kids, it was looking pretty flat and it seemed like it's sad shape made the living room look messy.

How To Re-Pouf A Pouf for FREE - Before | One Mile Home Style

I found a perfect and free solution to my dilemma, plastic grocery bags! I have a bad habit of forgetting my reusable bags, so I had a pretty large collection of plastic bags. These make great (free) stuffing material, and this is such an easy way to reuse them.

Plastic grocery bags to use to as stuffing for a pouf - One Mile Home Style

My pouf had a zipper in the bottom, so I just unzipped it and added enough bags to fill it back out into a more pouf-like shape. If your pouf doesn't have a zipper opening, all you need to do is open up a seam on the bottom, give yourself a 1 to 2 inch opening to fit the bags through, and then stitch it closed. Done!

How To Re-Pouf A Pouf for FREE using plastic grocery bags! - One Mile Home Style

 Mark this little project off the to-do list! Now it's good as new and back to the shape it's supposed to be! Such a quick and easy little project that makes a big difference.


  1. well i would never have thought of this...but i'll keep it in mind. my pouf is near needing a repoufing, lol.

  2. There is a brilliant idea. You are recycling and your poof looks so much poofier!!

    1. It's such an easy solution, I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great idea! I've also used old newspaper, but that is getting harder and harder to come by these days. I'm stopping by from the "Your Home Decor and More" link party.

    Jessica @ Finding Purpose Furniture

  4. Doesn't it crinkle and make noise?


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