Kansas Road Trips - Flint Hills Discovery Center

Kansas Road Trip Flint Hills Discovery Center - One Mile Home Style

It's been a long time since I have shared a Kansas Road Trip post, but I am back with fun little trip today. (If you missed it, here is the first Kansas Road Trip post, and to make travelling a little easier, check out our road trip must haves to make the trip easier with kids.)

This time we ventured out to Manhattan to visit friends and to check out the Flint Hills Discovery Center. The Flint Hills Discovery Center is in a beautiful building in downtown Manhattan, and is definitely worth stopping and checking out. 

Flint Hills Discovery Center - One Mile Home Style

The facility is "...dedicated to inform and educate all our visitors to the unique, rare and important region call the tallgrass prairie - in the Flint Hills of Kansas and the Osage Hills of Oklahoma." I have lived in Kansas my entire life, and feel like I learned a lot about this area of our wonderful state.

The entire facility is divided into 6 different areas focusing on everything from how the hills were formed, the histories of the people who lived here before us, and the science and life cycles of the native grasses.

Flint Hills Discovery Center Underground Prairie - One Mile Home Style

The nerd in me loved this exhibit about the world underneath the prairie. There were samples of the root systems of the different grasses; I am not exaggerating when I say there were a few that went from the ceiling to the floor of the exhibit space!

Flint Hills Discovery Center Railroad Exhibit - One Mile Home Style

There were different history areas that covered what the land was like when the Native Americans were the only ones in the area, to what it looked like when the immigrants started arriving and establishing ranches and towns.

Flint Hills Discovery Center Railroad Exhibit - One Mile Home Style

It was great way to get a very informative history of this beautiful area of Kansas. Everything was interactive, which the kids loved, and there were a lot of interesting facts that to discover, which the hubby and I loved.

Don't forget while you are checking out the exhibits to head into the theater and watch the Tallgrass Prairie: Tides of Time film. It is beautifully done and there are a few fun surprises as you are watching as well.

Have any of you visited the Flint Hills Discovery Center? If you haven't, I highly recommend you stop in and check it out if you are in the area.


  1. We live in Manhattan and love the Discovery Center! My daughter is only one, so we usually stay upstairs with all the fun kiddo stuff, but the downstairs area is a place to explore!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erica! We really enjoyed our visit, we hope to head back out that way soon and check out the zoo when the weather cools down a little bit!


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