Flower Tour & Outdoor Spring Decor Tips

I'm so excited to share a few of my outdoor flowers and outdoor decor tips with you today!  Every year over Mother's Day weekend I go out and buy all my annuals for the spring and summer, and then spend a day potting all my new pretties. And every year is a new color scheme for our outdoor accents.

Flower Tour and Outdoor Spring Decor Tips | One Mile Home Style - Marigolds and galvanized bucket

TIP: Try to stick to a color scheme for your flowers so you don't get overwhelmed by all the choices that are out there. This year I went with mostly pinks and reds, but the kids insisted on marigolds too, so there are a few yellows and oranges on the back deck for a bright little splash of color.

Outdoor Spring Decor Tips | One Mile Home Style - Outdoor Dining Space

TIP: If your old flowerpots aren't looking so hot, pick up a couple of cans of spray paint in fun colors to make them new again. I repaint my flowerpots every year and it is so much more inexpensive than buying new every year! 

Flower Tour & Outdoor Spring Decor Tips | One Mile Home Style - Pink and White Flowers

TIP: All your flowerpots don't need to match, They don't even need to be the same style (they don't even need to be flowerpots!). Again, use a couple of colors of spray paint to make them all look cohesive as a group. I would highly recommend keeping your eyes open at garage sales to pick up new containers super cheap, and then make them your own with a fresh coat of paint.

Flower Tour & Outdoor Spring Decor Tips | One Mile Home Style - Milk Can and Flowers

TIP: Bring the colors (and decor style) you use inside your home, outside. Using similar colors and styles indoors and out unites the spaces and builds a nice flow between the spaces. I use a lot of blues and greens in our home as accents, so they are perfect colors for the flowerpots outside.

Flower Tour & Outdoor Spring Decor Tips | One Mile Home Style - Blue Flowerpot with red and white flowers

TIP: Don't go overboard with your plantings. These flowers are going to grow, so be sure to give them the space they need. The first couple of weeks your flowers are going to look kind of small in the those flowerpots, but trust me, they are going to fill them out perfectly. 

I love this time of year! All the bright colors and the gorgeous weather, what more could you ask for? 

Tell me in the comments, what is your favorite outdoor decor tip?


  1. Your flowers are beautiful, Stephanie. Growing new plants is so inspiring this time of year. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! I always look forward to planting new flowers to liven up our outdoor spaces!

  2. Smart tips! I need to get my garden going! I keep saying that every year.... pinning for my garden dream ; )

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joann! It's addicting, just start with a couple of flower pots and you will keeping adding year after year!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Tips Tricks! Hope to see you again this week! :)


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