Keeping Kids Medicine Organized

Organizing Kids Medicine - Under the Sink Storage

Being the mom to kids with asthma and/or food allergies means that some of the medicines in our home need to be easily accessible to everyone, including our kids. Our oldest has asthma that requires a daily inhaler in addition to the emergency one, and also a food allergy. Our youngest requires an inhaler only during allergy season. They are both elementary school aged, and (with supervision) are responsible for the use of their inhalers, and for grabbing the small medicine bag with the epi-pen and benedryl when we leave the house.

I was looking for a way to keep these items neatly organized under their bathroom sink, so they are not just left out in the open, but are also easy to get to. Hooray for the Target Dollar Spot!! I found these short magazine files and cute little chalkboard tags and knew they were going to be perfect!

Organizing The Bathroom With Dollar Spot Finds

Each boy gets his own organizer with his initial on the tag. They can easily identify which one is theirs and everything they need fits neatly inside. (And since they are plastic they are super easy to wipe down when they need it.)

Organizing The Bathroom With Dollar Spot Finds - Storing Everyday Medicines

Since they are short, they fit perfectly in this little space under the sink. These would also work great if you keep your medicines in a kitchen cabinet, they wouldn't interfere with the shelf height, and take up very little space.

Organizing Bathroom Cabinets With Dollar Spot Finds


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