Add A Tassel To It!

Welcome to a fun, new little series I am super excited to be starting! Saturday Quick Change posts are going to be exactly what they sound like; quick changes you can make to your space in just a few minutes, and using items you probably have on hand. 

 Today's Quick Change; Add A Tassel To It!

Bring some additional color, and a little bit of fun to the front of a china cabinet or hutch (or really, any furniture with knobs) with DIY yarn tassels. They are so easy to make, click here to see the tutorial I used from The Handmade Home.

Saturday Quick Change: Add a Tassel - Before
Not bad, but not that exciting either.

Saturday Quick Change: Add a Tassel - After
Look at that great little dash of fun!

It's a simple little change, but gives a soft, finished look to the front of the cabinet. They bring in the navy from the bar stools and the gray from the living room, and brighten up the wood. I love them! It's just crazy to me, how one little thing can freshen up a space!

Give it a try, and then let me know in the comments if you tried this Quick Change in your home!


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