Inspiring Home Space -> Monday Eye Candy 11.2.14

Wow! I totally did a horrible job with the weekly Inspiring Home Space posts, sorry. I am back (and not making any promises), but I am going to attempt to do a better job at getting posts up on Monday mornings. 

I'm going to switch it up a bit, for Monday Eye Candy, I am just going to start the week off with a space that I think is inspiring and beautiful. Not a lot of words, just a pretty picture to get your mind going. I find that when I am looking for spaces to share with you, my mind starts wandering with ideas for touches I want to add to my spaces. I want you to be able to use these snapshots as a way to get your creative mojo going and think about the small ways you can make you home a little more you.

Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know if you find a particular photo inspiring. Or, if you are looking for inspiration for a particular space in your home, let me know what space it is and I will focus more on those areas. 

Here is this week's eye candy:


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