Granite Grey Living Room

Granite Grey Living Room With White Furniture

One of the big projects that I have had on the to-do list forever is painting our living room. I hated having the plain white walls, and really wanted to get some color in this space. But, I found that this room was the hardest of all the rooms for me to pick a paint color.

One reason the color was so hard to pick was due to the fact that our living room is open to the dining room area of our kitchen, and our kitchen is green. I like the green color, so repainting that room was not an option. The other reason is this stairway wall:

Stairway Wall - Before

I wanted to pick the right color the first time so I didn't have to repaint that sucker. My parents have one of those Little Giant Ladders, which made painting the stairwell pretty easy, I just don't care for being up on the top of a ladder, on the stairs, one floor high. Just really not my idea of a super good time.

My mom and I spent our entire Black Friday tackling this living room. We started with the stairway, since it was going to be the least fun, and I am glad we did! It took forever to paint, we painted the remainder of the living room in almost the same amount of time it took us to do this stairway.

So, let's move on to what you are really here for; the before and after pics! If you have followed for a while you may have noticed the different wall color already in my Christmas Decor Tour post. And, if you follow on Instagram, you got to see the color as we were putting it up on the walls. Here we go!

Entry Way - Before

Stairway - Before

Fireplace - Before

Living Room Before Paint

Living Room Before Paint

Granite Grey Entry Way - After

Granite Grey Stairway - After

Granite Grey Fireplace - After

Granite Grey Living Room - After

Granite Grey Gallery Wall - After

Granite Grey Living Room - After

 I am totally loving this color! It looks great next to the green in the kitchen, and looks nice with the wood trim, it is not too dark and not too light. On different walls, and at different times of day the walls will read very grey, and other times it will read more blue, which is exactly what I was looking for. I think using grey on the walls works as the perfect neutral backdrop in a space. It gives the room depth and lets the furniture and other elements stand out as focal points.

Have you painted any rooms in your home lately? Did you pick a neutral, or did you go bold?


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