Water Theme Birthday Party

Water Theme Birthday Party Sign

I was going through some older photos the other day and came across a few of birthday parties past and I thought I would share one of them with you today. These were taken before I started this blog, so please excuse the poor lighting and excessive use of the flash.

Since my boys have summer birthdays we chose last year to do a water themed party. We made the invites by cutting out various colors of blue paper in the shape of a water splash and gluing them to the fronts of blank cards along with a few fish stickers. I also invested in some stamps that we can reuse from year to year on party invites.

Water theme birthday party invites

We covered the table with a bright blue tablecloth and laid out all the drinks, snacks and party favors.

Water theme birthday party

Since this was in July and the temperature was somewhere around 1000 degrees, and theme was water, it was only fitting that we had a basket of ice cold water waiting for the little guests.

Water theme birthday party-water basket

We kept the snacks light and instead of cake we had individual cups of blue jello with little gummy fish swimming in them. We also had a big bowl of goldfish crackers and a stash of ice-pops in the freezer for an after play cool down.

Water theme birthday party - jello and fish treats

The birthday boy decorated treat bags for his guests and the guests also got to pick a water squirter to play with during the party, and take home with them after the party.

Water theme birthday party guest favors

Once the snacks were eaten and the gifts were opened, all the kids ran outside with their new water squirters and proceeded to get soaked. We filled giant tubs with ice and water for the water squirters, one smaller one with water balloons and turned on the sprinkler. The water balloons lasted all of about 5 minutes, but the tubs of water and the sprinkler kept the kids busy and cool for a good 30 minutes at least.

Do you have kids with summer birthdays? Do you always do indoor parties, or did you get adventurous and throw and outdoor party?


  1. I love a good themed party!!! You did an amazing job. Stopping by from Give me the Goods!


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