Summer To-Do List Revisited

So, as we are approaching the Labor Day holiday, let's take a look at how did I do on my summer to-do list. I'm almost afraid to put this up here:

It would appear that perhaps the list was a little ambitious. But, I did get a lot of the planning done that will make the rest of this list go pretty quickly:

  •  I have the paint colors picked out for the dining room table and chairs, along with finalizing my choices for new curtains and fabric to recover the bar stools
  • I have changed my mind on refinishing one of the two shelves, it will stay as-is, but the other one I can't decide how I want to refinish, we wait.
  • I am considering changing the shape of the head board, so the recovering project will be delayed until I decide for sure.
  • I was thisclose to getting the ottoman done a couple of weekends ago. It will be finished very soon and you can see it in all it's glory. 

In other news, I finally got a Facebook page for the ol' blog here, you can click on the link on the sidebar to follow me. If I were you, I would follow along on Instagram too so you don't miss any sneak peeks at projects I am working on (and any other miscellaneous adventures going on around our home). While you are excitedly clicking on buttons you might as well follow the blog on Bloglovin' so you don't miss any posts and follow along on Pinterest to see what is currently inspiring me.

Did you have any projects lined out to complete this summer? Did you get them all done, or were you like me with more projects than time?


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