Pretty & Organized Video Game Storage

Old books and flowers tabletop

Anyone here remember my story about the many lives of the little shelving unit that resides in our home? If you do remember, keep reading, if you don't and want to be in the know, click here. Long story short, this shelving unit worked in our youngest son's bedroom really well, but then he got a new bookcase and his room was starting to feel a little crowded. So, the little shelving unit was on the move again, this time out to the living room.

We had been keeping our supply of Wii games and controllers in a nice little square basket on the floor (my bad, for forgetting to take a before picture of that). The little shelving unit would fit perfectly in the space, but I needed containers to control all the Wii clutter. After shopping my basement for supplies I came away with a couple of goodies that just needed a little TLC.

Black wire basket - before

Shoe box organizer - before

In my searching you can see I found an awesome wire basket and an empty shoe box (that just so happened to be the perfect size to hold Wii games, lucky I know). I also came across the spray paint that I used a little while back on some of my outdoor planters. So, both of these finds got a fresh coat of paint, and we were ready for some new organization.

Round wire basket - after

Shoe box - after

Yea! Look at that pretty basket holding those controllers so neatly!

Blue wire basket holding Wii remotes

Oooh, look at that nice blue storage box that holds all those games so neatly!

Shoe box video game storage

Ta-Da! Here is the little shelving unit in it's new home in the living room. It now provides us with the perfect out-of-the way storage space for all the video game accessories, and a much needed place to set a drink. Oh, and it gives this corner a nice little splash of color.

Video game storage shelves

Living room storage shelves


  1. What a great idea! I'm hosting a $100 throw pillow giveaway and I'd love for you to enter!

    1. Thank you and thanks for the invite to your giveaway!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by, I think it is one of my new favorite colors!



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