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Green and Orange Storage Boxes

I was not looking for new storage boxes in awesome bright colors, but I found some, and they came home with me. I was actually at the fabric store scoping out fabric for new kitchen/dining room curtains and wouldn't you know it, I found my way back to the clearance section (I know, total shocker, right?). These sweet paper boxes were 70% off, so I got all three of them for just under $6 total!! I wasn't completely sure what I was going to use them for but the colors and price were too good to pass up.

Green and Orange Storage Boxes

Once I got them home, I only had to ponder briefly what I was going to do with them. They were the perfect size to hold photos. Here is where I had been keeping our larger pictures from years past. Once I had new pictures (either professional or school pictures) for the year I took last year's pictures out of the frames and put them in this box and put the new, current year pictures in the frames.

Office storage box to hold photos

It wasn't anything nice to look at, but it did the job of holding the old pictures. The first thing I had to do was sort the photos that were in this box. I made one pile for each boy and also a trash/recycle pile. The trash/recycle pile was the hardest one to deal with. I have a hard time getting rid of pictures, but I forced myself to keep one of each pose and get rid of the rest. (I didn't need 20 wallets of the same picture, but it is so hard for me to just get rid of those extras, I guess I am a little bit of a hoarder in that way.) Here is what I was left with, one small pile for each boy, and one big pile of trash/recycling.

Sorted pictures

Each boy gets one box to hold these special pictures and there is more than enough room to keep adding to them over the years.
Photo storage boxes

Now, I can keep these pictures stored out in the open  and I can easily get to them too, and the boxes are pretty to look at as well! I wasn't really sure where these boxes were going to end up when I bought them, but wouldn't you know it, they look pretty darn good in the master bedroom. They add an nice little splash of color to this corner, and the colors play nicely off my paintings that are hanging on the wall.

Green and orange storage boxes

I love when storage is pretty to look at and can add character to a room. It helps too when I doesn't break the bank either! Have you found any good storage deals lately? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Photos are very meticulous to keep. It requires a certain level of humidity and temperature when you have to store them in a closed container like a box. The general rule: the lower, the better. Cute boxes, btw! Ruby@Williams Data Management


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