Back to School - 2013 Edition

Kids' first day of school

The boys went back to school this week, I can't believe summer break is over already. We have a 2nd Grader and a Kindergartener now, time seems to be flying by.

I thought this would be a perfect time to look back at a few of the things I have done in our home that makes our lives a little more organized when it comes to kids and school.

I created a command center on the side of our refrigerator that not only helps us keep track of important dates and events, it helps us keep track of important papers too. Instead of the kids dumping a pile of papers on the counter each afternoon when they get home, they each have a folder to put everything into.

School Paper Organization

I created a super simple drop-zone area for backpacks and coats on the entryway wall and on the inside of the coat closet door the using command hooks.

Backpack organization using command hooks

Kids coat organization with command hooks

When I did my complete kitchen reorganization I designated one shelf in a cabinet right next to the refrigerator for lunchbox supplies. This shelf holds all the sandwich boxes and smaller reusable containers that fit perfectly inside the kids' lunchboxes.

Lunchbox supply organization

A small change to the kids' dresser drawers has made a big difference in picking out clothes. Instead of stacking shirts one on top of the other, by standing the shirts on their sides the kids can see every shirt that is in the drawer, so there is no more digging and unfolding of shirts, just to find that perfect one.

Organized t-shirts

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your kids and home organized for the back to school season?


  1. Great ideas - love that cabinet for all the lunch materials!


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