The Story of the Little Shelving Unit

This little shelving unit has had quite a life.

When we first bought it, many, many years ago, it was white with silver wire baskets that fit perfectly on each shelf and it lived in our little apartment bathroom. It provided us with much needed storage space for extra towels and other bathroom necessities (it seems that apartments are often times lacking in bathroom storage space).

Then, when we moved into our first home, we had plenty of storage and the little shelving unit went on to live in our attic for 5 long years. How it survived this long without being put out in a garage sale is beyond me. The baskets got new homes in the laundry room and and under the bathroom sink.

Three years ago when we moved into our current home, the little shelving unit found itself a perfect spot in the main bathroom. After a couple of years it received a fresh coat of bright green paint as an effort to bring some much needed color into the small bathroom.

Although I really like the green color, it was just too much in the small space. And I just couldn't get over the feeling that really, the space was just not that great for the little shelving unit. If you were much bigger than a 6 year old, your elbows would bang into the corners of it, which does not feel very good.

I was off to find something that fit the space better, but was still going to be functional for our needs. I found this great little bathroom organizer for less than $20, and thought we would give it a try. It looks so tiny in the space, but holds everything we need it to hold, and we now have a space for the step stool that is out of the way. (Notice that I did keep a little of that green in the bathroom?) The little buckets hold combs and hand lotion/sanitizer, and they were in the dollar spot at Target for 50% off, that's right 50 cents each for those cute little guys! (In case you are wondering, yes, I did pick up more than just those two!)

So, what happened to the little shelving unit? It got a fresh, more understated, coat of paint and now has a new home in my youngest's bedroom. He really needed just a bit more storage in his room and this was an awesome free way to give him that extra space.



I'm glad that we have been able to keep and repurpose this shelving unit as our needs have changed over the years. Do you have a piece of furniture that you have given fresh life too either with a coat of paint or a move to another part of your home, or both?


  1. I love the transition from one storage piece to another. I'm always looking for new ways to organize and store things. I like the new home for the brown shelf.


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