Speedy Garage Clean-Up

As much as I would love to be able to dedicate an hour (or two, or three) to reorganize specific areas of my home, I just don't have that time available (you know, with the full time job, 2 active boys, a husband and daily household responsibilities). So, when I get the chance to jump on a small organizing task, I jump right on it. Even just getting something small looking better can make a big difference, and breaking a larger organizing job into a few smaller ones makes it not seem so daunting.

I think we reorganize the garage every spring. It is a chance to see what we need for the upcoming warm weather season, and we can clean out all the sand and road salt that we tracked in from the winter roads. It's also a good time to go through last year's toys to see what the boys have outgrown and what did not survive the fun of the last summer.

One of the nice spring days that we had recently I took the time to sort the toys and miscellaneous outdoor playthings. Everything was kept on one shelf, but the containers were a mash-up of things that we just used because they were available, they didn't necessarily work the best for the items they were holding.


Again, a trip to the dollar store can be thanked for this clean-up! I picked up some fun, bright green baskets in two different sizes. I got rid of a stuffed full grocery sack worth of trash and toys that were not usable any longer. Now everything is in an appropriate sized basket and the bright green adds some fun color to the kids area of the garage. And, as a bonus the boys can pick up a basket and easily carry it to the yard to play and back to it's spot when they are done.


When you have a large area of your home to organize, do you plan out the time and do it all at once? Or, do you work away at it, a little at a time?


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