Small Change, Big Impact

It was time for the boys' rooms to take on a little more "grown-up" look, and one small change made it happen. New window treatments!

When we first moved into our home and each boy got their own room we opted to stick with the sports theme and they each got curtains to match that theme. We hung them with tension rods since we didn't want to mess with putting up curtain rods right away (i.e. putting holes in the walls in the brand new rooms).

Fast forward to a little over 3 years later. They still had the same curtains hung on the same tension rods. They were doing their job, blocking the light and adding character to the rooms, but I wanted something more  finished looking. 

Here is each room before (I will apologize in advance for the dark pictures, sorry):

Not bad, but just not doing it for me anymore.

Here is each room after:

Wow! I didn't realize quite how much of an impact this little change was going to have on their spaces. The windows look much more finished and the rooms feel bigger and have a better style flow with the rest of the house.

I opted for pretty simple curtain rods, nothing too ornate, and not very expensive, so if  I decide to change the finish it won't be a big deal to spray paint them later. As far as the curtains go, I just picked out grommet topped blackout curtains in colors that coordinated with the boys' bedding. I do plan to still add matchstick blinds to the windows as well, to just to add more depth to the windows and block more light, I just didn't get them picked out yet.

Have you made a small change to a room in your home that had a huge impact?


  1. This looks very nice!

    Every time I hang a new curtain rod or change out the curtains it does so much for the room and makes for a "proud" moment. Folks on Instagram probably think I'm silly for posting the "small changes" all of the time. Oh well, I enjoy it and I can see you can too... Checking out the rest of your blog! :)


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