My "Toolbox" Drawer

Although we really don't have a "junk drawer" in the house, I do have my own "toolbox" drawer that holds my small tools and nails/screws/picture hanging supplies. And it was starting to become a junk drawer, full of my tools and junk. I started out using an old baby wipes container to hold all of the nails/screws/etc, and it worked for a while, but it was really full.

I remembered from the Lego organizing projects (here and here) that I did have a couple of organizing trays that would work perfectly for all the little nails/screws/bits and pieces.

My assistants were home sick from school so they gave me a hand sorting out all the different pieces and we were done in no time. One tray houses all the nails and screws and the other holds the wide variety of hanging supplies.

Everything went back into the drawer nicely, and luckily I had just bought a new pair of shoes and the box they came in fit perfectly in the drawer and holds my hammer and screwdrivers to keep them from rolling around the drawer.

I am very pleased with the way this turned out, I can see everything easily and access it easily as well. Do you have your own tool or DIY drawer in your home? How do you keep it all organized?


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