Kitchen Reorganization - Pantry

As promised, here is a look at our pantry reorganization (you can see the cabinet reorganization here). Our pantry was most definitely in need of a thorough clean-out and reorganization. It was crammed full and oftentimes something needed to be moved to get to the one thing you were looking for. As has been the case here lately, a trip was made to the dollar store to pick up a few baskets. You really can't beat $5 to get your pantry back in shape again.

So, here is what I started with:

I hate to even say that I am complaining about my pantry space, so many people would love to have the amount of space we have, but let me have this one, please. This pantry is sooo deep (almost 25", seriously), it makes it very easy to lose track of things in the back and I have struggled with how to make it work best.

I started by taking everything out so I could see what I was working with. Holy Cow, again!! To say I was overwhelmed to look at all of this would be an understatement, it took me a few minutes to figure out where to start.

I decided to start at the top and sort through my recipe books. I got rid of a couple and then put them back up at the top with my most often referenced books in the front and the rest towards the back behind them. To corral plastic forks/knives/spoons, straws and plastic cups I placed them all in a short plastic tub that we had hanging around (note to self: there are most likely 100 spoons in the top of the pantry, DO NOT buy any more!). Now it is all easy to find and not spilling out everywhere. Below that is chips/popcorn, tea/drink mixes and candy for movie nights. Next one down is bread and baking supplies.

Then, I moved on to the bottom of the pantry, this was and still is the most logical place for the crockpot and stand mixer. They are easy to access, but not out in the open taking up counter space. Breakfast foods and kid friendly snacks went on the lower shelves so the boys could have easy access without needing assistance. Continuing to work out way up is canned goods and pasta.

The baskets from the dollar store combined with tupperware containers I already had kept this reorganization super cheap.

I think I am done with the kitchen for now, although I noticed in some of these pictures that I need to do some  more dusting in the bottom of the pantry (ugh, it seriously never seems to end). Now, onto another space for some more spring spruce ups.


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