Bracelet Tree

I love having my necklaces and bracelets out where I can see them in the morning as I am getting ready. It increases the odds that I will put one of them on as the perfect finishing touch to my outfit for the day. I have always kept both my necklaces and bracelets on the same hanging organizer, but sometimes they get tangled together.

Enter this guy pictured below. I found this coffee mug tree at a rummage sale our community put on recently. It was in good shape, but not the prettiest thing to look at, and at $1 it was perfectly priced.

So of course I grabbed some paint, a nice light gray to be exact. This cleaned up the look of it, and the color will let the accessories stand out and not complete with them.

Here it is in action. The bracelets hang nicely on it and there is no danger of them becoming tangled with each other. (Short necklaces would work on here as well, but all of mine were too long.)  I have a much clearer view of what I have, and it doesn't take up very much counter space at all in my bathroom.

Another idea, if you, or a little girl in the family, has a lot of headbands and ponytail holders. This would be a great way to store those items out in the open, yet keep them organized.

Do you have a creative way to display and organize your jewelry and accessories?


  1. Such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing at Give Me The Goods Monday!
    Jamie @
    Better With Age


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