Lego Storage - Take 2

So, the original Lego storage that I came up with for the boys did not last very long. I was blissfully ignorant to the fact that once little boys start collecting Legos, there is no end in sight to the amount they will collect. Before long it was becoming difficult to keep the colors sorted and the lids on the boxes closed.

Back to the drawing board...I think the important things to remember as you are organizing is that nothing has to be permanent, and it's okay to re-evaluate your organizing system if something is not working. In this case I knew we were going to need to upgrade the storage eventually, I just didn't realize how soon.

I thought about getting a rolling 10-drawer cart, but I just don't think it would end up meeting the boys' needs and space. Then I found these 3-drawer bins, and picked up two. I like the size of the drawers and the fact that they are clear. And I can easily add another set as the Lego collection grows and we need to divide out the colors more.

Here they are sorted out again in their new home. For easier access, the instruction books are all in the top drawer with the sorted Legos below. Inside a few of the drawers I placed small boxes to keep some organization within the drawers. I opted to keep one of the storage boxes for the Lego men and all their  hats/tools/accessories, the other two boxes will be put use elsewhere in the house.

Overall, I am pleased with this update. We have room to grow with this storage system, and I am hopeful that with the additional space from the drawers it will make it easier for the boys to maintain. Fingers crossed that we won't be outgrowing this one, or at least anytime soon...

Have you had to re-organize any of your organization systems? Was the second time the charm, or is it still a work in progress?


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