Window Quick Change

After keeping the curtains in the dining room the same way for a few years, I finally decided it was time for an update. I still really liked the pattern and colors, but the curtains themselves needed to be reinvented.

Luckily, I had more than enough length to cut my one super long panel into 3 separate panels. I added a seam to the tops for the rod and re-hemmed the bottoms that I cut. Now I have a brand new look to my windows for nothing more than a little sewing effort.

**So in a perfect world there would be a before picture here that showed one continuous panel that was draped over the curtain rod creating a swag over each window. But, instead I failed to take a picture and you are stuck imagining it in your head.**


As a side note: Yes, it is January, yes, I live in Kansas, and yes, my windows are open. It was 70 degrees today, but have not fear, it will be back to seasonally cold in a couple of days.

Have you tackled any quick sewing projects to re-invent something you already own?



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