Lego Storage

We have a couple of Lego Maniacs in our house, and after Christmas the amount of Legos literally multiplied overnight.

It was getting frustrating for everyone having all the Legos in one storage container with no dividers. So off to Walmart I went in search of small (and inexpensive) divided storage containers. We are not yet to the point of needing large storage drawers to contain the little pieces so I wanted to start small, for now. I looked with the large storage containers and carts, strike one. So then I headed to the craft supply aisle, thinking that maybe I might find something there, strike two. Where to next? The hunting and fishing aisle, yes you heard me right. Tackle boxes and tackle box trays are an untapped resource for Lego storage.

I picked up 3 lidded tackle box trays with removable dividers for all of $5.96 each. These have worked out perfectly for us, we can move the dividers to accommodate the different amounts of pieces we have of each color. Since the boys helped me sort all the colors they have taken good care in keeping all the pieces into the correct spots.

I next thing I needed was something to put all the instruction books in that comes with the Lego sets. I am still not 100% decided on what to do with them for the long-run. But for now, they all go into a small box that we had hanging around the house already.

The trays stack nicely together on the shelf and it is easy to see what pieces are in which box. And there is still room to grow if we need to add more boxes later.

Do you have any great storage containers that you have found work great for something other than their original purpose?



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