DIY Dry Erase Calendar & Family Command Center

Back to school time is the perfect time to get your home organized and refreshed for the new school year. A few years ago I created a family command center that fits perfectly on the side of our fridge, and have made a couple of updates along the way too. (Take a trip in the way back machine to view it here, and see the minor updates I made a couple of years later here.) And now I'm back with another quick update!

Update your family command center with this easy DIY dry erase weekly calendar!
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I love the location of our command center; it's in a perfect location that everyone can see, and it's been super easy to modify over the years to keep up with the changing needs of our family. 

The simple update I made this year was to print the kids' school calendar instead of buying a generic one, and I DIY'd a dry erase weekly calendar. 

Here is what you will need to create your own DIY Dry Erase Calendar:
Scrapbook Paper (I like the multi-packs like this and this)
Black Dry Erase Marker
Mounting Squares

How to make your own DIY dry erase weekly calendar from a picture frame

First measured down 7 inches from the top of the scrapbook sheet and made that my dividing line across the sheet. Then I divided the top section into 5 *mostly* equal boxes, one for each weekday, and then I divided the bottom section into 2 even parts, one for the weekend and one for to-do's. (I marked all of my lines in pencil first, just in case I mis-measured, and then I traced the lines with the black sharpie.)

Make a DIY dry erase weekly calendar from a picture frame

I labeled the days of the week, weekend and to-do sections with the bronze sharpie, and then I popped it into the frame. Easy-peasy! The plastic face of the frame wipes clean easily, and keeps your new calendar from being too heavy.

Depending on where you are putting this dry erase weekly calendar, you can just hang it on the wall, or in my case, I used a couple of mounting squares to attach it the cork board. Be sure to put your dry erase marker close by, and your command center is ready for action!

Get your family organized with this simple DIY dry erase weekly calendar!

Because I have a thing for notepads and to-do lists, I added a notepad and fun little pen holder as well. Can you figure out what that pen holder is made from? It's a letter rack from the Scrabble board game! I attached it and the notepad with mounting squares as well. And there is still room below for the school lunch menu to hang too.

Add a fun touch to your family command center with this scrabble letter rack pen holder!

Our command center is all ready to go for back to school! It makes getting back on a set schedule so much easier when things are organized, and everything has a home. The calendars are ready and the hanging school paper bins have been cleaned out and are ready for art projects and permission forms!

Update your family command center with this easy DIY dry erase weekly calendar!

Tell me, do you have a command center in your home?


  1. This turned out really cute! I love the scrabble tiles with your name. :)

  2. This is perfect for back to school! We all know how stressful staying organised can be!


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