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I am one of those people that loves moving things around, rearranging furniture, and just constantly tweaking things. Ask the hubby, I just can't leave things alone! The benefit to this is, that I can usually find "new" things to decorate with just by shopping our home. Or, I can make something from all the craft supplies that I hoard. Recently, I found myself with a free afternoon, and a nagging feeling that I just wasn't loving the look of one of the walls in our living room.

Shop your home and find amazing style for free! Mix mid-century modern and rustic farmhouse styles for a one of a kind living room!

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Here are the most recent before shots I could find, it didn't occur to me to take a true before shot of this wall until I had already started dismantling the area, but you get the idea. The cedar chest was feeling way to big in this spot, and was really becoming a dumping ground for random crap from around the house. And while at the time, I really loved the off-set shelves, now it was feeling too busy and I just wanted to simplify this spot, and maybe add a little better storage and organization.

Rustic wooden shelves styled for spring

Blanket ladder with a wreath styled for winter

Please don't let me mislead you with the thought that I had this all planned out in my head and I knew exactly what I was doing as I was working. I literally measured the cedar chest, and then walked from room to room with the tape measure trying to figure out where I was going to move it to. I didn't know what was going in it's place, but it was going to move! As luck would have it, it would fit perfectly by the front door, and it's also the perfect height that the boys can sit on it to put on their shoes.

Side note: I really want to paint the inside of our front door, but I can't decide what color it should be. What is your favorite interior door color?

Using a cedar chest in the entryway as a perfect drop zone spot, and bench for putting on shoes

And the mid-century console table that was by the front door, was the unknown solution to the living room situation! It is smaller and provides some much needed character to this part of the room, and it also provides some additional storage space. (The hubby's grandmother gave us ours, but I have found some similar ones from West Elm that are beautiful: mid-century buffet - small, mid-century buffet - large) I realigned the shelves to be more centered over the cabinet, and then played around with the decor a little bit.

Shop your home and find amazing style! Mix mid-century modern and rustic farmhouse styles for a one of a kind living room!
Clock (similar) //  Wooden Bowl (similar) 

Most of the decor that was originally on the shelves stayed, I did add some greenery (some is real, and some is real fake, can you tell which is which?), and overall just tried to add more interest with textures and less "stuff". The most important part was to include personal items and not just decor, it's the personal items after all that make a house a home, right?

Add character to rustic shelves by adding color and texture! Shop your home and find amazing style!

Under the shelves, I wanted to fill the wall a bit, but not make it look cluttered. So I added in this fun mirror, and a simple clock, and I DIY'd that awesome little wall hanging since I didn't have anything that fit that space.

Decorate your home for free! See how shopping your home can update a room without spending a penny!

Some of my favorite days are the ones were I just play around with little spaces in our home to make small adjustments that really make a huge difference. I think we all get stuck with keeping things the same, and don't always think outside the box. Move furniture to different rooms, give something a new purpose in a new space, and do it all without ever leaving your home. Decorating doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money, sometimes you have the perfect hidden gem sitting right in your home, just waiting to be re-imagined!

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  1. I think moving the shelves to center was a brilliant idea. Your MCM piece is a beauty.😊

  2. What a great change! I love your new wall hanging and can't wait to see how you did it. I am glad I'm not that only one that likes to move things around, it drives my hubby crazy! I currently have half a gallery wall down, waiting to be redone, lol!

  3. Great article thanks for sharing


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