Up-cycled Christmas Card Gift Tags

Does your mailbox get filled with beautiful Christmas cards this time of year? I always love getting cards in the mail and keeping them displayed in a little bowl or basket throughout the holidays. But, what do you with all those cards after the holidays are over? I'm going to show you how you can easily up-cycle those old Christmas cards into new gift tags!

Upcyle old Christmas cards into new gift tags for this holiday season!

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Here are the supplies you need:

Christmas cards from past years
Cookie Cutter/Stencil

Start by laying your stencil on a card. You can pick details on the card to be a part of the gift tags, or you can place your stencil randomly for a more abstract look.

DIY your own holiday gift tags from old Christmas cards.

Using your stencil, trace your shape with the metallic marker. I didn't have any holiday stencils, but I did have an extra star-shaped cookie cutter that was perfect for this project! (Don't be afraid to think outside the box when you are deciding on the shape of your gift tags.)

DIY your own holiday gift tags from old Christmas cards.

Then, you simply cut out your new gift tag, and punch a hole for your ribbon. The nice thing about using the metallic marker for tracing the shape is that it will leave a little bit of a festive border accent as you are cutting. And you can always go back and add a little more to the edges too, if you would like.

How to make your own holiday gift tags by up-cycling old Christmas cards.

Just like that, I have a brand new bunch of gift tags for gifts this year! They didn't cost me anything, and I get to enjoy those pretty Christmas cards again. And BTW, how cute is that Christmas sweater wrapping paper I found this year?!

Love this idea? Be sure to save it, so you can use for your gifts too!
Don't toss those old Christmas cards! Repurpose them into new gift tags for your gifts this holiday season!


  1. Love this idea! Saves money too and that's a win win!

  2. I love this! When we pulled down the boxes from the rafters last weekend I had a stack of cards from last year 😀

  3. Such cute and easy recycling idea, I love it!

  4. Never done them THIS fancy but I have always used my old Christmas cards to make tags: get my funky craft scissors out and go to town! Some are good backgrounds for Christmas ornaments made with wooden curtain rings with a small critter added, too!


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