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I love room updates, and I love them even more when all it costs you is just a little time. I want my home to be welcoming, but I also want it to be very livable and functional for my family, and sometimes that means I have to rearrange furniture and rethink how we use the spaces in our home.

Fun little spaces in your home, that are maybe a little unexpected, are what make your house into a home, and really bring personality to a space. When you let go of ideas of how a room should look or function, you can get some pretty awesome results!

Cozy Little Reading Nook with Vintage Chair - One Mile Home Style

I had an empty little corner in our dining room space and for a long time I was really stuck on what should go there. I didn't want to fill the space with another side table or shelves, they seemed to make it feel too cramped. But, with nothing there, it felt too bare.

Cozy Little Reading Nook with Vintage Chair - One Mile Home Style

After an afternoon of cleaning carpets in the living room led to completely rearranging the furniture (I swear have cleaning A.D.D.), I needed to find a new home for one of my vintage caned chairs. As luck would have it, it fit perfectly in the empty little corner in the dining room.

Cozy Little Reading Nook with Vintage Chair - One Mile Home Style

It's now the perfect cozy little reading nook I didn't know I needed. It's a quiet space that still allows me to see everything that is going on in our home. (See the fun little side table I made for this space here!)

Cozy Little Reading Nook with Vintage Chair - One Mile Home Style

It gets awesome natural light, which makes it the perfect place for reading, or just staring out the windows daydreaming. I'm so glad I decided to turn what was an empty little corner, into this cozy little nook. So, get out there and be more adventurous with your home!

Need a little reading nook of your own? Be sure to pin it, as inspiration for your own space!

A spot just for me! How to create a cozy little reading nook in your home. - One Mile Home Style


  1. I love the pop of yellow next to those beautiful curtains!!! I have a chair very similar to this but the yellow/gold fabric has seen much better days and so has the rest of it.

    1. Thanks Megan! I have thought about reupholstering it for a long time, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

  2. Love that chair and those curtains! My friend scored the same chair but with a red cushion at an auction and I was so jealous. So pretty with the blue. Thanks for sharing at the Pretty Project Party! XO, Amy


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