Tips For Getting That Perfectly Mis-Matched Look

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I'm here today to show you how easy it is to turn mis-matched end tables into the perfect accent for your room. We all have those tables that were too good to leave at the thrift store or garage sale, so you bring them home, even though you might not really need it. Or, you just can't turn down a hand-me-down that has great potential, and you can make work in your home, somewhere.

Those are actually the true stories of these tables. The one on the left was an estate auction find that has some great details, and was less than $10. (You can see it's drab to fab makeover here.) The one on the right was a hand-me-down from a relative who was moving and didn't have a spot for in their new place.

White, grey and blue living room with mis-matched end tables, before

I love the collected-over-time look, when things are not perfectly matchy-matchy. It makes your home truly one of a kind, and keeps it from looking too much like a store showroom. All that being said, there still needs to be something that ties it all together, otherwise you can go the complete opposite direction, and it starts looking like you just cleaned out all the neighborhood garage sales.

I decided the best way to get a cohesive look was going to be by painting the tables a matching color and bringing in just a little touch of blue. The auction find table looks fantastic with it's light grey makeover, and it was going to be the perfect finish for the other table too.

Light Grey end table makeover - One Mile Home Style

So, here is the other table, pre-makeover. It's the perfect size for a little side table, and the curves are a nice little touch. It is in good shape, but there is so much wood going on in this area of the living room, that it just sort-of blended in and didn't feel special.

Simple wood end table, before - One Mile Home Style

And the after! Now you can really see those curves, and it doesn't blend into all the other wood in the room.

Light grey end table with ornate blue and white knob detail - One Mile Home Style

Little details go a long way in making mis-matched pieces all tie together. I picked up this gorgeous blue and white knob from Hobby Lobby to really make this table shine. It adds a much needed detail, and the blue accent matches the pillows on the loveseat, and the coffee table that is front of the couch. 

Light grey end table with ornate blue and white knob detail - One Mile Home Style

Here are some ideas for knobs that would give you a similar look (affiliate links):

Even though the tables aren't even close to identical, the matching color balances the space. It's also fun to go with non-traditional colors when mixing new furniture into a space too. Instead of going with the standard white or black for the tables, I went with grey. And to keep up the fun, our coffee table is a bold navy blue. 

Repeating colors in small touches through out the room gives a collected-over-time room an effortlessly easy pulled-together look .

Grey and white living room with navy blue accents - One Mile Home Style

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Tips for Getting that Perfectly Mis-Matched Look in Your Home - One Mile Home Style


  1. I'm such a huge fan of replacing knobs on our furniture. I've also found that screw in wall hooks work quite well and can change the look of an item immediately, we had a white desk with big black handles, and after replacing with some wooden cross wall hooks it has a much more scandi feel that fits in so much better with the rest of the home.


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