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Create your own rustic barnwood shelves to add the perfect rustic charm to your home. - One Mile Home Style

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I love simple and rustic farmhouse style. (If you are new, welcome!, it won't take long for you to see how I am adding farmhouse style all over our home.)

The shelf game in our living room was weak, and it was in major need of an update. The one shelf was way to small that wall, and the style was just not adding anything special to the room.

Single shelf living room wall - One Mile Home Style

As I was looking to add a little more style, and something that would add to the rustic charm I wanted, I knew that real barnwood was going to be answer. There are so many ways to recreate a rustic wood look with new wood (I have done some of them myself), but when it comes down to it, if you have the chance to use the real thing, you definitely should choose it!

Anytime you are working with reclaimed wood, you have to get over the perfection factor. The boards are going to be rough around the edges, they may not be an even width the entire length of the board, and may not lay flat all the way across either.

Reclaimed barnwood shelves with simple black brackets - One Mile Home Style

The boards that I used were truly weathered (look at all the beautiful texture!!); the edges are uneven which made placing the brackets evenly a bit of a challenge, and the boards themselves are bowed slightly. So, while the shelf brackets are level on the wall, the ends of the boards are not since they are slightly bowed. You can't get too tied up in the imperfections, those "imperfections" are what make the rustic/reclaimed/farmhouse look so great.

Get the farmhouse look with simply styled reclaimed barnwood shelves - One Mile Home Style

I used simple black shelf brackets* that didn't compete with the rustic look of the shelves. (I also found a couple similar options for you here* and here*.) Before you attach your brackets, take a look at your boards; you want the more weathered side to be facing down. This seems a little backwards, but most likely your shelves are going to be hung high enough that the bottoms are the part of the shelf that is going to be seen, and you want the most interesting side to be one that people see.

Add fantastic farmhouse style with reclaimed barnwood shelves and simple brackets- One Mile Home Style

Add fantastic farmhouse style with reclaimed barnwood shelves - One Mile Home Style

Keeping the styling simple lets the character of the wood shine, and is the perfect palette for styling. It has been so fun styling and re-styling these shelves! You can see how they were styled this winter, and if you follow me on Instagram, you can see how often I change them up in real time!

Simply styled reclaimed barnwood shelves - One Mile Home Style

Tell me below if you have used reclaimed barnwood in your home!

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