Nothing to See Here (or That Month I Forgot To Blog)

Well, here we are. The middle of February, and I have posted exactly once this month! (Twice if you count this one, but who's counting?) 

February is a notoriously busy month for me with the day job; busy days in the office, travelling for a week, recovering from all the travel and work...and let's not mention the stomach flu that was passed around our house (and my parents house, and my sister's house), but I somehow managed to miss. #winning

I spent a week in the gorgeous city of San Diego for work, I got to enjoy the beautiful weather and views on my walks to and from my hotel each day.

I had fully planned to do better this year and plan posts so that you wouldn't even notice I was gone. But, life happens and this is where we are. I have a great furniture makeover coming your way next week as part of another Create and Share Challenge, so be on the lookout for that! I am hoping to get back to my "regular schedule" next week, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I am so ready to flip the calendar to March! See you next week!


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