It's Almost Furniture Makeover Season!

You know, it's almost that time of year when the weather is starting to warm up from the winter freeze, and you just can't wait to get outside and get more active. And by get more active, I mean digging out my stash of spray paint and random paint samples and dragging furniture and random home decor outside. This is also the time of year that if the neighbors see me outside with spray paint, they know I am up to no good!! (And the hubby knows the grass in the backyard is going to end up being 10 different colors, none of which are green. Sorry, not sorry.)

This time of year is so fun; furniture gets a new lease on life, accessories get freshened up with a new coat of paint, and sometimes a new color. It's also time to start hunting for new treasures; people start having garage sales and auctions, and I am ready to head out with my growing list of items to be on the lookout for this year.

In honor of this upcoming season, I thought I would share a few of my favorite furniture makeovers. Maybe one of them will inspire you to do a furniture makeover when the weather gets warmer where you are!

One of my very favorite furniture makeovers, was also one of my first. I made a simple little round side table into a fun baseball table for my boys.

DIY Baseball Accent Table - One Mile Home Style

To break up all of the wood that was going on in our kitchen and dining room, I painted our dining room table a simple cream color, and then gave our mismatched chairs a bold blue coat of paint.

Refinished dining room table in cream with navy blue chairs - One Mile Home Style

Another great find were these two desks that I picked up for $10 each. They were not in the best shape, but a little wood putty and paint goes a long way.

Vintage Kids Desk Makeover - White with Green Drawers | One Mile Home Style

Refinished Kid's Desk - White and Navy | One Mile Home Style

The coffee table in our living room is on it's second color. I originally painted it grey, but in our grey living room, it was kind of blah. So, one afternoon it decided to paint it this rich navy blue, and I love it!!

Blue and White Living Room- One Mile Home Style

Who doesn't love a good trash to treasure furniture makeover story? I turned this fantastic office credenza that was headed for the dumpster into the perfect entertainment center in our basement family room. 

Mid-Century Modern Office Credenza to Entertainment Center Makeover - One Mile Home Style

I can't wait to get this furniture makeover season started!! 


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