$100 Master Bathroom Makeover - The Reveal

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style

I'm so excited this day is finally here!! It's reveal day for our Master Bathroom Makeover!! 

Our master bathroom was in major need of a makeover, it's the last room in our home to get in attention in the 5 years we have lived here. I really would have liked to give it a bigger overhaul, replacing the shower stall, lighting and the horrible tile flooring, but that's just not in the budget at the moment. So, to give the space a little refresh and make it feel new again, I took $100 and decided to see how far it would get me.

I took stock of accessories, paint and scrap wood we already had, and used the majority of the budget on the two things that were going to make the biggest difference, paint and tile. I bought paint when it was on sale, and saved $10; when you are looking to make small budget updates in your home, stay patient and watch for sales on your higher dollar supplies. Saving money in one place will free up money to spend a little extra on something else, or will allow for a little splurge on an accessory or something fun!

Here is what we started with, a basic builder grade almond color on the walls, a single row of plain white tiles for the backsplash, and dark colors for the rug and curtain:
$100 Bathroom Makeover: Before - One Mile Home Style

 And, now for the afters! I'm so happy with how this makeover turned out; I wanted a space that felt light and relaxing, and that is exactly what I got. I went with Glidden Pebble Grey in a semi-gloss on the wall, surprise, surprise, I choose grey, right?

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style

The backsplash is Majestic Ocean glass tiles we found at Home Depot, and I chose to use bright white grout to make the tile colors stand out and to keep with the bright and fresh feeling I was looking for.

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style
I found the shower curtain a couple of years ago on clearance at Target, and it was kind of the inspiration piece for the overall look; bright white with touches of blue. I picked up this super soft rug at Tuesday Morning. (side note: Tuesday Morning is a great resource for rugs, curtains, baskets and accessories, if you have never been, I highly recommend checking them out!!) And I decided to give our plain wicker hamper and fun little paint-dipped update that makes it look brand new!

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style

We made a last minute decision to make some shelves to go above the toliet, and I think it was a fantastic decision. We used these building plans as our rough guide to get the look we wanted. Since we built the using what scrap wood we had available, we opted to paint them instead of staining.

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style

All the accessories were shopped from around our home. Fun blue water glasses that have been sitting in the cabinet are perfect to corral toothbrushes and toothpaste. A brightly painted window pane mirror frame (I broke the mirror...), and one of my original paintings add fun bright colors to the room.

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style

How I Made-Over My Bathroom for Under $100 - One Mile Home Style

Here is the cost breakdown for this budget makeover:

Paint $12 (was $22, but I purchased it during a Labor Day sale and got a $10 rebate)
Tile $40 
Grout $11
Bathroom Rug $15

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with what an improvement $100 can make to a room. It was also great motivation to show myself that even little makeovers are totally worth as an in-between when major makeovers can't be done in the near future. I'm already scheming up what my next little project should be...

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  1. wow what a difference! from yawn to Glam! Lovely accents, love the basket dip! I need to do that for sure :)

  2. Wow--looks great. Love the tile and those shelves are awesome! Thanks for sharing at the Pretty Preppy Party :) Pinning for you to our board!

  3. Just shows what a difference a little money and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion can make! The tiles in particular add a whole new level of class :)


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