Simple Map Book Covers | Saturday Quick Change

These quick change map book covers were born out of the need to brighten up this little shelf in my living room for the summer. I love finding vintage books at auction and garage sales, but it seems that most of mine have darker covers. I have an old road atlas that I keep around for projects (like the easy map art that is in the kids' bathroom), and I knew the green and blue colors would be perfect. 

I just cut the map page large enough to wrap all the way around, and just inside the covers of the books, and attached it with a small piece of tape. You can see that I even cheated and wrapped two books together to give the illusion of one thicker book. 

Super easy and a super quick way to update a few books to give your shelf a fresh look.

DIY Map Page Book Covers - One Mile Home Style


  1. These are so fun & I love how simple they were to create :)

  2. I love this! Never even thought to cover books with a map...and I have one hanging around I may have to cover some books with it now. So cute!

  3. So cute! I love this idea :)
    Brooke Riley~Re-Fabbed

  4. This is a really cute idea, Stephanie! Stopping by from Your Turn To Shine :).


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