10 Tips For Giving Your Small Front Porch A Big Impact

10 Big Impact Tips For Small Front Porches | One Mile Home Style

If your home is like mine with a small front porch, you want tips that will help you make a big impact with your small space, without cluttering it up and making it look even smaller. If you have my dream wrap-around deck and covered front porch (#lucky), please invite me over you can use these tips too, just on a larger scale.

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Since space is at a premium you have to think past just adding "things", you want to add color and texture to make the entry to your home feel welcoming. 

Home Sweet Home stacked planters
  • Stacked flower pots to add height, and lots of color and texture without losing much square footage. Add a nice welcome message like the picture above, or make the flower pots stand out by painting them bright, fun colors.
  • Pick a welcome mat that brings personality to the space. If you don't have much room, this is the one "accessory" that everyone who enters your home is going to see, choose one that makes a statement!

Bright & Cheery Summer Porch

  • If you have the room, adding a small chair or bench is a great way to add a little color and height. Even if don't use it for sitting, it sure is nice to have a place to set a bag down while you are at the door.
  • Repurpose an old shutter, or grab a wide fence picket and turn it into a welcome sign. (These also come in very handy when adding seasonal decor to your porch in the fall and winter!) You can lean it against the wall, or even hang it near the front door, they take up almost no space at all, and are an easy addition to your porch decor.

  • Wreaths are fun way to change up your front door either with the seasons, or whenever you want. The best part is they are easy to make (or easy to find and buy!), the material and style options are endless, and they can be used/updated year after year.
  • Stretch your decorating boundaries! If you don't have a lot of room, don't feel confined to keeping your decorating on your porch; use your sidewalk or steps to gain a little more decorating space. This gives you more room to spread out, and draws your eyes right up to your door.

  • Want to make an even bigger impact? Take that space under your feet and add some serious color and style. Paint or stain the wood or concrete; natural colors freshen up the dull or worn flooring, and fun colors can make a bold statement, take it one step further and add stripes or a pattern in multiple colors.
  • Take a look at the space over your head too. A new light fixture is an easy DIY upgrade you can make that instantly brings new personality to your porch.

On Sutton Place

  • Tall planters on either side of the door filled with lush greenery make even a small entrance feel grand, and can make a huge impact in just a little space. (Just be sure to leave enough room to easily get in and out the of the door without running into the planters!)
  • Last, but certainly not least, did you notice anything about all of these pictures? There is not one boring front door in the bunch! Not sure what color to pick? Choose a favorite color that you use inside your home to instantly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. And don't be afraid to go bold, a strong color is going to make a huge impact in this small space!

You don't need to have a big space to make the entry into your home welcoming and stylish. So join me, and let's go out there and make our small front porches a welcoming reflection of us, and the home that is on the other side of that door!


  1. WOW what absolutely beautiful photos! I would love to live in this home! The planters are adorable too!


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