Fighting Organizing Burnout

Almost a month into the New Year, and it seems that everyone has been bitten by the organizing bug. Bloggers are busy showing off how they stay organized and sharing printables to keep you organized all year long. Friends are talking about getting a fresh start on spaces that have been neglected over the holiday season.

I love seeing all of these great ideas, and the variety of different ways you can organize your home. They motivate and inspire me to give a thoughtful look at what is in our home. Is it something we use every day? Is it something that adds to our home and makes us happy? Or, is it something that is just taking up valuable space? 

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I really want to make this year the year of ridding our home of all the excess stuff. I know the areas I want to tackle, I even have a mental list of items I want to get rid of, but then, I just get overwhelmed. Paralyzed. There is So. Much. Stuff. I am suffering from Organizing Burnout, and I haven't even started organizing yet!

Part of this ridding and organizing journey, is discovering what is really important to you. Is it the physical item? Is it a feeling associated with the item? Or, is there a nagging intent tied to that item?

The latter is the one that I am working on the most. Clothes that I intend to wear for some occasion, and then never do. Pieces and parts to DIY and craft projects that I have yet to start, and probably never will. All of this is just too much. I look at it and see wasted space, wasted energy, and wasted money.

I have no amazing tips for overcoming these feelings. I can tell you, that I just decided to jump into the space I see the most, and that I knew I would see a quick result with. I took a giant shopping bag, and headed into my closet. This is what I cleared out, captured perfectly with a grainy iPhone pic:

Get started organizing - closet clean-out

It's not a ton, but it is progress nonetheless, it freed up some much needed space, and those items that I am never going to wear are not staring at me every time I open the closet door. I feel a little better already.

I guess if I am going to leave you with one piece of advice for getting over Organizing Burnout, it's this: Just start in one small area. Pick one room, pick one closet, pick one drawer. Wherever it is, just start. Seeing one small space you look at everyday all nice and neat, can be the perfect motivation to keep on going.

Do you find that you have a hard time getting started with an organizing project? Share your tips in the comments below!


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