5 Tips for Organizing Kids' Closets

5 Tips for Organizing Kids' Closets | One Mile Home Style

Let's get this organizing fun going! Who has a goal this year of being more organized? Who has that same goal every year? Yep, that's what I thought.

I don't make a yearly organizing a goal, I just like to find new ways to organize, and update past organizing strategies every year. And honestly, you should really re-evaluate your organizing every year; your family, and their needs, change every year. There is not some magic one size fits all organizing system or tip that is going to work forever, that's just how it is.

I organized our boys' closets not that long ago, but now they are sharing a bedroom (their choice), so we needed to update the closet situation. They each have a captain's bed, which I have a serious love/hate relationship with by the way, so about half of their clothing is stored in their beds, and the other half goes into the closet.

5 tips for keeping a shared closet neat and organized:

  1. Use a lower hanging rod to double your hanging space 
  2. Use hanging sweater organizers for t-shirts, play clothes, sports uniforms, hats, etc.
  3. Hang jeans and pants
  4. Use bins to store athletic shorts and pants
  5. Store bedding in baskets at the top of the closet

Now, lets take a look at these in action:

Using a lower hanging rod not only makes it easier for the kids to reach clothes on their own, they are a perfect way to divide a shared closet. The oldest kid's clothes are on the top and the younger kid's clothes on the lower one.

Double closet space with a hanging rod

These hanging sweater organizers can be used for so much more than sweaters. (Think outside the box when you are organizing, many organizational items can be used in multiple ways.) For one son, all his t-shirts go into one organizer on one side. For the other son, ties, hats, play clothes and sports uniforms go into his organizer, his t-shirts still fit nicely in the drawers in his bed.

Hanging sweater organizer to organize t-shirts

Hanging up jeans freed up much needed space in one over-crowded drawer. The other son is able to keep his jeans in a drawer still.

Hanging jeans for better organization

Since the athletic pants and shorts don't wrinkle, and they always seem to be in a wadded up mess the the drawers, each kid has a bin at the bottom of the closet for these items. It makes putting them away easy and finding them is easier too.

Canvas bins to organize athletic shorts and pants

This last one is so easy and frees up space in your linen closet too. Keeping the sheets for each bed in the top of the closet makes changing the sheets so much easier. No need to search for the correct sized bedding or that missing pillowcase, it's all there in one basket.

Store bedding in bedroom closets for simple organizing

I encourage you to take these tips and use them to get more organized. But, make them fit your needs and your family. As you can see, even within one closet, what works for one kid in the room, does not work for the other. These are the tips that we use, but we also bend them to meet our individual needs, and you should too!

What are your rockstar tips for organizing your kid's closet?

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