The Artwork On My Walls

By now you know that I love to paint. But, that love of painting is not limited to walls, furniture and anything I can spray paint.

 I have always had a love for creating art. Aside from the photographs on the walls in our home, the artwork was all done by me (except for the kids' rooms, they made their own art). So, just for fun, I thought I would share with you, the artwork that is currently hanging in our home.

These are all in a variety of different sizes. The top two I did on canvasboard instead of stretched canvas, I want to see how well they frame since I don't tend to frame my canvases. I have always worked in acrylics, but want to start trying out watercolor more. All of these are in acrylic, except for the tree, that one is watercolor on canvas, and was a fun experiment that turned out pretty well.

Anyhoo, here is my artwork:

Navy and Light Blue painting

Citron and Light Blue painting

Gold and Green painting

Watercolor Autumn Tree painting

Acrylic Drip Painting - Green, gold, blue and silver

Black and White abstract painting

I keep toying with the idea of selling original paintings. I have a couple at a small art gallery right now, but I am trying to decide if I should jump in and attempt selling some either from my blog right here or putting some up on Etsy. I will be sure to keep you posted on what I decide to do.


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