Mixing Patterns to Bring A Space Together

*I totally meant to post this on Wednesday, but I didn't plan my evening time very well this week, so you get a special Friday post instead.*

Navy blue mixed pattern pillows on white couch

In the ever elusive search to find items that make your house a reflection of you and your family, it can sometimes feel like a particular room or space is not quite right no matter what you do. But, "holy cow Batman!" when you find the right item, all is well in the space, finally. 

I truly feel like spaces in our homes are never completely "done". I love shopping my home and moving things from one room to another, or giving something a coat of paint and suddenly it is brand new again. You never know, what looks only okay in one area of your home, may be amazing in a different place you never considered before. It's all about experimenting and having fun!

Our living room is my favorite space. It's where we spend the most time and I just want to feel relaxed when I am in there. I picked up some new fabric awhile back, and I finally broke out the sewing machine to whip up some new pillows and pillow covers.

Navy blue mixed pattern pillows - plaid and floral

Once I had these all done and tossed them on the couch, I just got this feeling that they were exactly what our living room needed. I know that sounds really overdramatic, but the grey/white and green pillows that were there before were just not doing it for me. The blue in these pillows tie into the blue in the kitchen chairs, and they are a perfect combination of a pretty, somewhat-formal print, and a cozy and casual plaid.

Mixing the patterns brings a fun touch to the couch, and is not as hard you might think. The most important things to remember is 1) Vary the scale of the patterns, us a mix of both small and large patterns, 2) Use a common color to tie them together. Super easy and and awesome look!

Navy blue mixed pattern pillows - plaid and floral

I really feel like our living room space is finally coming together, and can't wait to see where it goes from here!


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