Inspiring Home Space 9.15.14

The Inspiration:

This space is the perfect example of why you don't need to rush out and buy new, matching furniture when you are updating your space. What was the first thing you noticed? Was it the bright and lively punches of color, or the furniture? If you didn't notice before, none of this furniture is a matching set, yet the space is still pulled together and inviting. It feels more welcoming and not like a stuffy showroom. 

First, start with what you have for furniture. It doesn't have to be the same color or even the same style. If you are looking for something new, don't try to match what you already have, be brave and try out all the options. If you do have a matching furniture set, consider a new slipcover in a different color for one of the pieces, or shop your home for something that is currently living in another room.

Second, pick the main accent color you want to use. This room has a beautiful cranberry red for it's accent color. To pull all the furniture together, pick fabric for your pillows that use this color, and spread them throughout the room. An area rug and throw blanket in that same color pull the space together even more.

Last, but not least, add in just a few small decorative touches in your chosen color, and you are all set. Keep the wall color and curtains neutral and let your accent color steal the show!


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