Hidden Color Desk - Makeover #2

Kid's desk makeover - furniture refinishing

Well, here I am again with another desk makeover and reveal, you can see the first one here. If you remember from the post about the first desk, this is the second of the two desks that I picked up for $20 total. 

This desk needed a little more TLC. It had been stored in a barn for a while, and some mice thought that a couple of the drawers would make a nice home. It was also pretty rough around the edges and needed some serious wood putty in a few places. (I used this Elmer's Wood Filler, it's awesome because it goes on purple, and turns white when it is ready to be sanded, I highly recommend it.) I spent one entire afternoon cleaning the entire thing with bleach water, filling the bad spots and sanding. Then it got super hot out and I had to wait a few days to prime, bummer.

Here are the before pictures:
Desk Drawers Before Primer and Paint

Kid's desk before

Kid's desk before

So, yeah, there were a lot of issues with the bottom of this desk. I pretty much smeared wood filler over most of the bottom to even it out at little better and not make it so raggity. I was totally not going for perfection here, just better that what is was.

It really is amazing the difference primer alone can make on a piece of furniture!
Kid's desk - sanded down with a coat of primer

I went with the same Glidden Crisp Linen White color I used on the other desk, but this time I painted the inside of the drawers this gorgeous Rich Navy, also by Glidden.
Refinished Kid's Desk - White and Navy

Refinished Kid's Desk - White with Navy Drawers

Refinished Kid's Desk -Kid's study space

Study Space in Kid's Room - Refinished White and Navy Desk

That is two desks down and one to go. Of course the last one is mine, and of course it is going to take me forever to get it done, but it will get done, eventually.

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